South Sea Pearls

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The Australian South Sea pearl oyster (Pinctada maxima) is the largest and rarest of all pearl oysters, producing the finest and most beautiful pearls in the world. 
For centuries, Australian South Sea pearls have been prized as the most desirable and most valuable of all pearls. Renowned for their 'orient', it is this combination of transparent lustre and unique play of colours that gives them a natural beauty that will last for generations.
South Sea pearls are farmed over 2,500km off the remote Western Australian coastline, pristine environmental conditions are critical for the creation of naturally beautiful pearls. 
Although logistically complex, pearl farming is an environmentally friendly and sustainable form of farming. Oysters are hand collected which causes no damage to the seabed. They are then taken to pearl farms, where they are nurtured in the hope that they will produce a gem quality pearl. Not every oyster will produce a pearl, and apart from rare exceptions, most will produce only one pearl at a time.


Please consider the following advice when caring for pearls:
- Some chemicals may harm pearls. Wait until after applying makeup, perfume and hair products before putting on pearl jewellery.
- Store pearl jewellery wrapped in a soft cloth to protect it from rubbing against harder gems or abrasive objects.
- Occasionally clean your pearls gently with a cloth dipped in mild soapy water. Rinse the cloth in fresh water and wipe pearls clean. Dry with a soft cloth.

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